About Us

Ambidextrous Rex Coffee Co. was founded on two fundamental principles: First and foremost, we believe that NOT all coffee can be great; in fact, most coffee is absolute crap. We believe the world is missing out on an opportunity to consume notably Ordinary Coffee. Ambidextrous Rex Coffee is driven by the possibility that people who lack discerning palates will find comfort and solace in whatever life throws at them. 

Second, we believe far too many people take life more seriously than they should. Ambidextrous Rex was born out of one ordinary guy's desire to find amusement in his own mediocrity. A desire to build a brand with little or no depth. A goal of  not being great at any one thing but managing to make a living doing it. After all, how tough can it be to take little or no care crafting a drink, burning any number of coffee beans, dropping them in clever bag and selling them for a profit. 

Our philosophy is simple, if you like coffee and you like to drink coffee when you are doing absolutely nothing or something incredible, we craft Ordinary Coffee for Extraordinary (and Ordinary) Experiences.